#operationgetridofbabybelly Week 1

My kids decided that #operationgetridofbabybelly was too long, so they figured I should shorten it, but I kind of like it how it is ;)  And after all, if I'm going to make up a hashtag I can make it as long as I want, right?
Anyway, last week I started #operationgetridofbabybelly and I know you are all on pins and needles waiting to see how it went!  Well, there were some wins, and there were some fails.
Win: I started up a couch to 5k program
Fail: I only managed to fit in 2 out of 3 for the week.  It's hard to find a good time to go running!  It's been too dark in the morning or evening when my husband is home so I can't go then, but if I try and go with the kids during the day it never goes as it should.  I have a treadmill, but the only real spot for it is in the master bedroom, which also happens to be where the crib is which interrupts naptime.  But I'm getting it figured out!  It's getting light out earlier each day, so I'm hoping I can manage some morning running soon.


Win: I fit in some strength training.
Fail:  I died.  Almost.  I pretty much couldn't walk for 3 days.  I used a workout from Fitness Blender and I think I need to find an easier one to do in the future. ;)
Win: My awesome husband figured he shouldn't go too overboard on the chocolate for Valentine's day, so his gift only included a small amount of chocolate.
Fail: He also bought me a candle that smells like salted caramel.  Two of my favorite things.  Except then the whole house smelled like caramel ;)  Don't worry, I didn't eat the candle.
I may have only fit in 2 "official" times of running, but the kids and I went on plenty of walks which always included a bit of running, so I managed to stay pretty active the whole week.


The result?  The scale tells me I lost 7 pounds.  Now, I know that a lot of that is water weight and whatnot, but I figure at least a pound or two of that is real, right?  So it's an encouraging start!  I also remembered to take measurements so that I have a more accurate way of keeping track of things.
So, on to week 2.  My plan is pretty much the same, go running a few times a week, get some strength training in and keep active.  Although this little one is starting to crawl and get into things, so she's keeping me on my toes!


If you want to follow along with me, I post about #operationgetridofbabybelly throughout the week on Instagram!

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