Spring is in the Air

We've been enjoying some warm(ish) weather the last few days, so we've been taking advantage of it!  We are all so ready for spring and ready to get out of the house and have some fun.  So the other day we all put on our shoes and went for a walk.



With snacks of course.  Because these children can't go more than an hour without eating.  Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but seriously...they're bottomless pits.


Miss Chunks was not really sure what to think of her surroundings!  She's been outside plenty, but usually in her stroller or in her carrier, so this is the first time she's been able to really explore.  And by "explore" I mean grab everything and try to put it in her mouth.



When we went for our walk, our goal was to see if we could make it to one of the nearby beaches.  Well, about 30 minutes into our walk we saw this little place off to the side of the trail and decided to picnic there instead.  It was actually such a great spot!  It was close enough to the water that the kids could throw rocks in and play, but far enough from the trail that it was quiet and peaceful.


Of course they found this little spot that they've decided would be a perfect secret swimming spot.  I'm not so sure though ;)


We were hoping the weather would hold out so that we could go on a hike on Saturday, but sadly it was cloudy and cold.  Not quite what we were hoping for!  So we made do with a Valentine's Day lunch.


Our Valentine's weekend concluded with church and a coffee date today.  I think I need a giant flower for my hair though.



And I found this little gem on my phone.  I think the kids were trying to get in a selfie!


When we got home the kids were begging to go outside, and the sun was still shining, so who was I to say no?  So we managed to squeeze in a quick afternoon run and some time at the park.



Our hope is to get to go hiking this coming Saturday, hopefully the weather holds out for us!  It's supposed to be pretty decent, but I'm half expecting to to snow ;)

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