Updated Drool Monkey Scarf

I've been making and selling my Drool Monkey Scarf for a while now in my Etsy shop, and as I've been making them I've changed the pattern a bit to help smooth out the edge and I've also added a second button hole.  Here is the updated pattern:
Follow original instructions for rows 1-7
Row 8: Hdc on back loop only until the end of the row, sc across the remainder of the scarf (adding a sc at the end of each row) until 5 stitches are remaining. Ch 1, skip 1, Hdc in 2, ch 1, skip 1, hdc in last.  Ch 1 and turn.
Row 9: Sc across until you reach the beginning of row 8. Hdc across the remainder of the scarf, (adding a hdc at the end of each row).
Add a button or bobble stitch.

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