My Favorite Things - Newborn Edition

Last night I got to go out with some of my lovely friends.  While we were there we started talking about baby products and all the fun new things that have out in recent years.  Which got me thinking, maybe I should share with you all some of my favorite baby items!  Sadly, I'm not like Oprah so I won't be passing them out for all of you to take home, but I can at least tell you where to buy them ;)

Baby More Co. Baby Wrap - I recently wrote a review on this one if you'd like to see why I like it!

ErgoBaby Carrier - This is my other go-to carrier.  It's more of an investment, but I could probably still carry my 4 year old around in it if she let me!

Infantino Hoodie Universal All Season Carrier Cover - If you plan on using a baby carrier in the colder months this is super handy.  It's basically a snap on blanket that can be used with most carriers.

 Buttons Diaper Covers.  Obviously if you don't cloth diaper than this won't help you much.  But if you do then you should take a look at these.  They're really affordable and great quality.

Tye Dypes - On the same note, these are the diapers I use along with the diaper covers.  I also happen to sell them.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Yummi Pouch - I had some of these with me last night, which is what sparked the conversation.  I've been using them for baby food and I've also used them for making smoothies ahead of time for the older kids.  They're reusable so way cheaper than buying the little pouches of food from the grocery store!

Summer Infant SwaddleMe - These are kind of a lifesaver for newborns.  My babies all loved swaddling but were also little escape artists.  These are super helpful because they velcro and stay in place.

Wubbanub - If you use pacifiers, these are kind of the best thing ever.  They help hold the pacifier during that newborn stage and make it easy to find them in the middle of the night.  And then when your baby is older it makes it easier for them to put them in their mouth all on their own.

Amber teething Necklace - I know these things sound like some crazy voodoo, but they totally work.  I've used them with two of my babies so far and I would absolutely recommend them.

Snoozeshade - I had a summer baby, so this was awesome.  It's a breathable mesh that protects from the sun and bugs and such.  It's also great for when baby is sleeping.

So there you have it!  There are a lot more products that I love, but these are some of the ones that are instantly on my baby shower registry =)

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