Monkeys, Bananas and Yarn...Oh, My!

There's been a lot of crafty fun going on here.  We've been dyeing yarn and playing with the yarn swift.


And a certain little someone thought it was pretty much the funniest thing ever!  She just sat there and giggled at it the whole time.  This girl is definitely like her mom...she loves yarn!  Maybe even more since she tries to eat it and I don't ;)

(photo from Instagram)

I've also added a couple of things to my "Drool Monkey" collection.  I came across the idea of crocheted teething biscuits a while back and thought, "Really?  Those look kinda lame, do babies actually like those?"  Well, I went ahead and gave it a shot and my little Chunky Monkey LOVED them!  So I figured I'd throw some up on my Etsy shop and see if anyone else was interested in them.  But naturally I had to have a little more fun than that.

So we have Drool Monkey Banana Bites!  And they're pretty cute if I say so myself ;)  But then it gave me a few ideas on some teething toys.  I found this pattern and decided to make a little monkey teething toy!

I posted a picture on Facebook last night and I think we all decided he should be called Sir Archibald Bananas.  Which is pretty fun.  I plan on making him in other colors, so we might have to come up with a few more names!  I also have a few more ideas, but I need to hit up the craft store this weekend first.
What about you?  What have you been working on lately?

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