Life, Coffee and Laundry

Life has been pretty slow around here lately.  We've all been sick so there hasn't been a whole lot to blog about.  But, so goes life.  We've spent the week hanging out


and having a little fun where we can.


We've also been testing out some new skills.  This girl is going to be up and crawling soon!  She's figured out that rolling repeatedly will get here around pretty well.  And she's even getting up on her hands and knees!  It's going to be time to get out the baby gates soon.


We did manage to make it out of the house for a bit of coffee.  Supercat introduced herself as Supercat to the girl taking our order.  Because, yes...she does actually go by Supercat at times ;)  The barista was so sweet about it, too, she got all excited and told us that she had always wanted to meet Supercat so this made her day!  Supercat was super-thrilled.  And believe it or not, she didn't actually have any caffeine.


And of course we did laundry.  That doesn't stop because I'm sick.  It should.  I put the Chunky One on the floor in the hall while I loaded up the laundry.  Then I looked down and couldn't find her!  Turned out she had rolled under the dryer door ;)


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