10 Free Valentine's Day Patterns

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It seems like it's Christmas one day and Valentine's Day the next.  I've never been huge on Valentine's Day...I think it goes back to being a child and trying to figure out the least embarrassing card to give to all the boys in my class.  It was rather stressful.  This year, though, I'm actually considering doing something for Valentine's Day gifts (maybe my Valentine's Day giveaway is getting me excited!), so I went out searching for patterns.  Here are some of the fun ones I found:

  1. Heart Mitts (knit)
  2. Hearts for you - Knee high socks (knit)
  3. Hearts Scarf Pattern (knit)
  4. Hearts Go Round (crochet)
  5. Crochet Hearts (crochet)
  6. Heart Cable Koozie (knit)
  7. Hearts (knit)
  8. Heart Mittens (knit)
  9. Heart Vines Hat (knit)
  10. Heart Fingerless Mittens (knit)

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