It's the Small Things

Sometimes I think I get sick just so God can remind me what's important.  It's not keeping up on laundry, it's not loading the dishwasher (again), and it's not keeping up on Facebook (guilty).  It's all those small things.

The small things like a sick little baby who wants to cuddle and rub snot all over you,


and letting big sister have a turn.


It's seeing these two sharing a chair so they can both see Daddy's computer,


and sharing your love of books with your children.


It's waking up to find that your husband let you sleep in and cleaned the kitchen...which means the sink is available for dying yarn.


It's getting time to sit and knit,


and an amazing husband who make you your favorite iced coffee.


And finally, it's knowing these are still stashed in the pantry just waiting for you to enjoy after the kids go to bed.


Here's to getting sick and all the joy that it brings.  Although I'd rather just have the joy.

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