This is How We Do PE

We just moved a few weeks ago, and now we live right next a pond with a park and trails around it that connect up to a large trail that runs next to a river.  The weather has been pretty cold and wet, so we have't gotten a chance to go and explore!  This week we've had some "warm" weather, so we decided to take PE outside today and go for a little run.


Trying to get a selfie of all of us was pretty much impossible!  This was about the best of all of them, and The Boy is hiding his face.  He thinks that hiding from the camera is the cool new thing.


This little one wasn't really sure what to think, the sun kept getting in her eyes...and it's awfully bright ;)


I'm pretty sure this one thought she was training for the Hunger Games or something, she kept climbing and jumping on everything.


Which of course meant all the others had to as well ;)


Look!  We found ducks!


This was seriously her favorite part!  Not only does she love running, but she loves getting to push the stroller!  And check out those leggings.  She's a trend setter, that one is.  She did put "cold running clothes" on her Christmas wish list, so we'll see what happens!


This has got to be one of my favorite parts about homeschooling, we get to go have days like these!  Right now it gets dark at about 4 pm, so we have to take advantage of the daylight while it's around ;)  Plus, you throw in a conversation about ducks and there's some science thrown in as well, right?

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