Last Minute Gifts!

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably already know that I finally clued into the fact that it's almost Christmas!  And that I should get started on some Christmas gifts for the kids.  A couple weeks ago my grandma gave me a large bag full of yarn, so I decided to dig through it in search of inspiration.  I found some grey, super chunky yarn with sequins in it that I loved!  Sadly there was only a small amount left, and I searched and searched all over the internet and can't find any more!  Thankfully there was just enough to make a little baby hat.  Well, just about...hence the different color at the end ;)


And it does look awfully cute on our little Chunky Monkey, even if she doesn't look super impressed with it. (photo from Instagram)


So, then I decided to make a coordinating hat for her big sister.  I used this pattern, but just made cat ears instead.  If shes's going to be Supercat all day, she ought to have some cat ears!


I am seriously so excited to give it to her!  These two are going to be awfully cute sporting their new hats together.


Now I just need to get working on all the other gifts!

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