An Artful Christmas

Last night the kiddos got started on drawing some pictures to give away as Christmas gifts to family.  We are huge on giving handmade whenever possible, it makes gift giving so much more meaningful and who doesn't love handmade gifts?  The Crazy One got some charcoal art supplies for her birthday last month, so she pulled that out to use.  Of course she's never used them so she had no idea what to do!  Thankfully, we have the good old internet.  The first place we checked was the list of Free Craftsy Classes.  Sadly they didn't have any free classes on charcoal.   So, we settled for YouTube.  Because, really, what can't you find on YouTube?


We did find a couple of videos that were somewhat helpful, but in the end she decided to just wing it.  I would post pictures of her finished projects...but I don't want any of the recipients to see ;)  So I'll just post this picture instead:


Yikes!  Right?  Looks like this will be a messy artform.  The other problem we ran across was the charcoal smudging and getting on other paper.  Maybe we would have learned how to prevent that if we had taken one of those classes ;)
Meanwhile, the younger two were busy as well.  The Boy got this book from the library that is supposed to teach you how to draw knights, castles and dragons.  So of course Supercat needed to draw some knights too.  Which means that she convinced her big brother to do most of it for her ;)



And the Chunky One just sat there and looked cute.  And chunky.

(photo from Instagram)

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