Awesomeness, Disappointment and....Spaceship!

This past weekend our local library had a Lego competition.  Each child was to make up his own "Hero", build him or her a lair, vehicle and a back story.  These two goofs were busy all week long and were super proud of their entries!


Supercat made a story about Hero Elf and his Elf speeder who helped his brother when he got lost and then went around and helped other people.  Then his brother joined him because he was bored.


The Boy made a super awesome ship for his hero Buckaneer (because his first name is Buck). Who also goes around helping people, only in his pirate ship.  With cannons.  Lots of cannons.


The library had some fun events planned, like this "Take a photo with Benny" thing.  Although we couldn't quite figure out why Benny was on a table.


There was also a time of singing and dancing, and of course an awesome video of "Everything is Awesome".  Because what Lego day would be complete without that?  Although you would have thought this girl was at a rock concert ;)


This girl, however, slept through it all.  Which was quite handy!  (Thank you Baby More Co. Baby Wrap!)



There were other games and competitions which required teams to build certain things.  They had the whole section barricaded and only kids were allowed in.  I seriously debated taking a picture of all the parents lined up around it with their phones and iPads out taking pictures!  It's funny how things have changed.  Although one thing that hasn't changed is how competitive parents are.  It was a little crazy to see all the parents yelling out instructions to their kids.


After that I was over I tried to get a picture of the kids with Benny.  Ha!  What was I thinking?


Although I did find this nice little selfie.  Spaceship!


Once all the snacks were eaten and the games were played, it was time to announce the winners.


Supercat won!  Her reaction was seriously the funniest thing!  She was jumping up and down so excitedly that I couldn't even get a good picture.  I wish I had thought to have video ready!

Her big brother did such a good job with his disappointment in not winning.  And Supercat was pretty sad that he didn't get to win as well.  It's such a hard balance in a situation like that, because you want to celebrate with the child who won, but you don't want the other one to feel left out.  This parenting stuff is hard!  But, someone once famous said, "Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team."  Such profound wisdom ;)

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