7 Easy Baby Food Recipes

Since our Miss Chunks is almost 6 months (yikes!), she asked for some feeding supplies for Christmas, one of the things she got was a huge set of Yummi Pouch refillable food pouches.  This is something I never had with any of my other kid, apparently food pouches hit the markets after Capri Sun's patent expired.  Who knew?  So I set out to get some baby food made.  You would think baby food would be simple, cook some veggies, mash them up with some water and you're good to go.  Well, that is the basic idea, but I figured it would be good to have some measurements and such to take out some of the guesswork ;)  So, here are a few recipes I found for some simple baby food for those just starting with solid foods:

  1. Squash Baby Food 
  2. Soft Vegetable Puree (zucchini, sqash, asparagus and green beans)
  3. Pea Puree
  4. Pureed Peaches
  5. Carrot Baby Food
  6. Sweet Potato Puree
  7. Green Bean, Kale and Potato puree

I know it's recommended these days to wait until 6 months to introduce solids, but her doctor said we can start experimenting, so we did!  I think she was totally ready though.  At first she was a little unsure of it, but then she quickly learned to open her mouth whenever she saw the spoon...and of course she tried to do it herself ;)

IMG_3916.JPG IMG_3923.JPG

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