Running Buddy Blanket

This is my running buddy.  My running buddy has a habit of kicking her legs when she's happy...and riding in her stroller makes her happy!  The result of this is that she kicks off her blanket, it rolls under the stroller tires, onto the road and then under my feet.  This makes for a cold baby and extra laundry for me ;)  So I decided to make a little wearable blanket that would keep her lower half warm, would stay in place and would not hinder the stroller buckle.  Enter The Running Buddy Blanket!

Running Buddy Blanket

Items needed:
Size 7 dpns or circular needle
Size 9 dpns or circular needle
2 stitch markers
1-2 skeins worsted weight yarn (I used this yarn)
(Note about yarn: The yarn I used was 100% wool so that I could lanolize it and use it as a diaper cover as well.  If you do not plan to do that, I would recommend using a superwash wool or a soft acrylic.)

Small: 16-18” waist (approx. 0-6 months)
Large: 18-20” waist (approx. 9-12 months)

With smaller needles, cast on 90(102) stitches and k2,p1 for 2 inches.
Switch to larger needles and k5, p1 for 2 inches.
Set up round: Place marker at beginning of round, k45(51), place marker, knit to end of round
Round 1: k1, m1, knit to 1 stitch before marker, m1, k2, m1, knit to 1 stitch before marker, m1, k1
Round 2-4: Knit
Repeat rounds 1-4 until you have 102(118) stitches (see below for adding a hole for buckle)
Continue knitting until blanket measures 14(16) inches, use Kitchener stitch to stitch together the bottom.

Hole for buckle (optional):  After piece measures 6-8 inches
Round 1: *knit 22, cast off 11, knit to marker*, repeat from * to *.Round 2: *knit 22, cast on 11, knit to marker*, repeat from *to *

I've also started using it as a blanket at night and while in her carseat. It works great at night because she can't kick it off and I don't have to worry about it covering her face. Plus I can use it as a diaper cover. Gotta love multi-use items!

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