Steaks, Forts and the Zombie Apocalypse

Nothing too exciting has been going on lately, except we've all been sick.  Not that that's exciting ;)  So we've been spending a lot of time in the house, doing things like making a new rug


and the kids made a big, giant fort.



We learned how to set snares.  You know...just in case that zombie Apocalypse happens.


Miss Chunks had her 6 month appointment.  Good news, she's still chunky.  She's back "on the chart" with her weight at 98% (last time they just wrote "off the charts" because she weighed so much!)


Why is it that I always manage to schedule doctor appointments right at naptime?  It must be some special talent that I have.  I'll tell you though, she wasn't too thrilled at getting woken up to be poked and prodded by the doctor ;)


Speaking of her turning 6 months, I found the little hat I knitted for her to wear home from the hospital.  I'm refusing to admit that it doesn't fit.


I did manage to fit in a little shopping this week.  We recently moved and so I'm trying to get the new place decorated, but I don't have much!  So my awesome husband arranged for a babysitter and took me shopping.  The problem is I'm just too cheap!  I have such a hard time spending money on stuff like that, though I'm not really sure why.  Maybe I'll just crochet a bunch of stuff to hang on the walls...I have no problem spending money on yarn ;)  I did find a couple of super cute baking dishes on clearance for $4.99, so I bought them. 


Then I got home and noticed that the sticker said that these "oven to table" bakeware dishes could only be in the oven for up to 250 degrees.  What?  Who bakes at that temperature?  Crazy.   I guess I shouldn't ignore it though.  I wouldn't want something like this to happen:


(Don't worry, no steaks were damaged)

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