10 Free Knit and Crochet Patterns for Your Kids This Valentine's Day

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I've been seeing tons of Valentine's Day patterns floating around on Pinterest, but I haven't seen many that are patterns for kids.  I've been wanting to make my kiddos a thing or two for Valentine's day so I went searching.  Here are some of the fun ones I've found:

  1. Valentine's Heart Earflap Hat - I'm a huge fan of earflap hats, and I know a certain 4 year old girl who would love this ;)
  2. Valentine Envelope - This would be such a cute little way to give your kids a handmade card.  And after Valentine's Day is over, it can be used to play post office! (this is a free pattern but the website requires registration)
  3. Little Girl Crochet Arm Warmers - These are just too cute not to share!
  4. You're The Balm - This is one of the only projects I found that I thought boys would like.  You could always put something else in there rather than the lip balm.  Like a Cadbury Creme Egg.  Yumm...too bad it's not Easter though ;)
  5. Little Hearty Hair Ties - This looks so cute and easy, how could you not make these?
  6. Valentine Basket - Such a cute little way to give away candy!
  7. Kids Crochet Heart Headband - Again, cute and easy!  And since it can be adjusted for any size, I'm seeing some matching headbands for my girls ;)
  8. Smilla Hearts Hat - Another super cute heart hat, but this one is knit!
  9. Valentine's Candy Crochet Bags - This is another one I can see as being good for boys too!
  10. Heart Bookmarks - My kids are constantly asking for something to use as a bookmark, might as well make them some!
What are you making your kids for Valentine's Day?  Leave a comment and share some ideas with me!  I need some ;)

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