Weekend Fun...and Not so Fun

It's been a busy weekend, starting off with a New Year's Eve party at the home of a family from church.  It was filled with friends, food and board games...a great way to ring the new year!  A certain little chubby one spent most of the evening watching everyone eat, she knows what's going on now after all ;)  After she finally managed to grab someone's cup as walked by, I gave her a plate of her own to keep her busy.


When I finally took it away it was pretty much drenched!


And this is how we rung in the new year, it's hard to sleep when so many people are talking and laughing.


Sadly, soon after that I got sick =(  I have a group of friends that I get together with regularly to talk and knit, but since I was sick I stayed home with these goofballs and watched movies.


I tried doing a bit of knitting anyway...but my helper kept eating it.


She also styled her big sister's hair.  Drool is a natural conditioner I'm told.  I'm still sick, and sadly I seem to be sharing with the rest of the family, so we stayed home from church today as to not share it with all of them!  I did manage to get three skeins of yarn dyed though!  They're drying and should be listed tomorrow just in time for a giveaway...so stay tuned ;)


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