Sock Patterns for Beginners

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For the longest time, knitting socks seemed like it was only for "elite knitters".  Once I tried it though, I was hooked!  They're much easier than people think, so I've compiled a collection of simple patterns for someone who's just starting out.

1. Pilates or Yoga Socks - These will give you a good feel for knitting in the round, without having to worry about toes or heels.

2.  Hunca Munca - If you're ready to tackle the heel and toe sections, start with a pair of baby socks, they're quick and easy and will give you a good feel for how socks are constructed.

3. Basic Ribbed Socks - Ready to try a full sized pair?  This pattern lets you knit a sock without having to keep track of any additional pattern.

4. Zigzagular - This pattern adds a small section of pattern with slight cabling which is great if you're new to cables.

5. Doublin Bay Socks also have a small section of pattern, using increases and decreases for a simple lace pattern.

If you're ready for some more advanced cables try theses patterns that have only a small section:

7. Galder

8. Inguz

10. Socks on a Plane - Now that you're comfortable knitting socks, try knitting one from the toe up!

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