My New Favorite Cables

I recently completed a couple of projects and I am absolutely in love with the cable pattern!  The first one I finished was the Vanessa Headband.  It was an easy, quick project and I finally got to use up some yarn I'd had for a few years that I'd never been able to find a use for!  Here's the finished product:

Not the worlds greatest picture, but what can you do?  I absolutely love it and I've gotten so many compliments.
The other project was a cowl that I chose to go along with a yarn I dyed while trying out a new technique.  It's Tom's Crossed Cowl and uses the same type of cabling.  It turned out awesome!  The sad thing is, I can't find it anywhere.'s nowhere to be found.  I even told my kids that whoever found it could have a spoonful of Nutella, and not even that bribery produced results!  It'll show up sometime I suppose...and at least I got some photos first!

The colors for the yarn turned out amazing as well, but the funny thing is I didn't use a speck of blue!  That's one of the best parts about dying yarn, the results can sometime be surprising.  I did, however, manage to replicate the technique and colorway into some sock yarns, so I was happy!

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